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Portrait Lakshmi

How Lakshmi avoided a scar after having a mole removed

A while ago I had to have a mole removed from my collarbone. Fortunately it was benign, but clothes rubbing up and down on the wound prevented it from healing as well as I had hoped: There was a quite red scar which was really itchy.

My doctor recommended Mederma so I gave it a try, because I really wasn't happy with the scar. After a couple of weeks I noticed that the itching was going away and the scar was getting lighter, too. That encouraged me to carry on rubbing Mederma into my scar twice a day. Now, four months later, you can hardly see anything. The scar has healed really well and I feel fine about putting on my festive sari again.

Portrait Jack

How Jack healed the knee he grazed badly in a bike accident

I really love my mountain bike. Being able to control my bike at any speed and on any surface is a great feeling. And sometimes I really push myself to my limits.

And then last year it happened: I didn't see a stone, slid away, and ended up with a big graze on my right knee. It healed pretty quickly but it stayed red and looked totally different from the skin around it. At first I thought, well okay, at least the wound is closed. But then my girlfriend told me I should treat the area with a scar gel to help it heal better.

So about four weeks after the fall I started using Mederma. And it really helped. The results were clearly visible after a few weeks, and after three months you could hardly see the scar. I'm absolutely convinced that it worked. And now I know I can use Mederma, I feel better when I'm out on my bike.

Portrait Mandisa

How Mandisa made her burn virtually invisible

I like doing things quickly. So sometimes I have a little accident. Like the time I burnt myself on the oven and had a nasty wound that was about 10 cm long.

My chemist recommended Mederma. When he told me that the treatment would take several weeks, I wasn't happy. But then he said that would be a lot less time than several decades I would carry an ugly scar around with me. I had to admit that he was right, and I must say: It was really worth it. There’s only a small light stripe left from the scar.

Portrait Josie

How Josie stopped Tico from carrying a reminder of his fall for the rest of his life

Tico is a lively child and I can't always keep up with him. When he started to walk he needed watching all the time. But it happened anyway: He fell over and banged his head. At least the wound did not need stitches.

To be on the safe side I treated the wound with Mederma as soon as it was closed. I didn't want Tico to carry a scar for the rest of his life as a reminder of his first steps.

I stuck to the instructions exactly: apply twice a day, as soon as the wound was closed, for eight weeks. You can hardly see the scar anymore, and now we keep Mederma in the house. I'm afraid that we will need it again.

Portrait Lucia

How Lucia treated her scar after a deep cut

I have never had such a bad cut: I was doing the washing up and cut palm of my hand on broken glass. At first I did not realise how long I would have to deal with this injury. The cut wasn't somewhere particularly noticeable, but a deep wound on the palm takes a long time to heal. The skin was red, swollen, horribly itchy and often tense.

My doctor said that I should treat the scar right away. As soon as the wound was closed I massaged the scar gel in lightly every morning and evening. It was nice, because the feeling of tension and itchiness was reduced. After some time the redness started to go away, too. I made a note of the changes, so I can say pretty clearly how effective the treatment was. Already after eight weeks my scar is hardly visible and doesn’t bother much either. Thanks to Mederma!

Portrait Lin

How Lin finally dealt with the scar that had been bothering her for a long time

I had quite a nasty scar on my calf from when I injured myself in-line skating. The scar really bothered me, but I thought certain that I was going to have to live with it forever. Then a friend told me that she had treated her son’s scar successfully with Mederma. I was sceptical. How is that supposed to work? After all, my scar was about a year old.

But my friend was really convincing and I thought myself: It can't do any harm. And what can I say? It did a lot of good!

I treated my scar for almost half a year regularly with Mederma and you can really see the results. The scar is much narrower and less visible and I feel more confident again. I show my legs and have worn my favourite skirt again.

Portrait Olivia

How Olivia managed to like looking in the mirror again

Hi. I see myself as a modern woman: active, temperamental, successful, enjoying life. And of course doing all this while maintaining my appearance. And then a stupid little accident on icy steps had to happen to me, and I got an ugly red scar on my face. Right where everybody looks first! That probably bothered me more than the accident itself. I began to hate my mirror.

Then I said to myself: Olivia, stop moaning and do something. So I got myself some Mederma. Then I began looking in the mirror really carefully every day. After only three weeks the scar was clearly less red and now, three months later, it’s hardly visible.

I am really relieved. And my mirror is my friend again – thanks to Mederma.

Portrait Irina

How Irina rediscovered her confidence

My scar was a real problem for me … It was a burn on my hand, an unpleasant reminder of hot water I was draining from a pot of pasta … The pot slipped out of my hand and I got a really nasty burn.

Fortunately the wound healed quite well. But the scar stayed and it felt like everybody staring at me. But that’s over now.

I found out about Mederma and tested it straight away. At first I was disappointed because I couldn't see any change. But I persisted and after a few weeks things looked better. The scar is not completely gone of course, but it is much less visible. And I feel a lot happier about myself again.

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