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About 40% of burns are scalds, caused by hot liquids or steam. Scalding often reaches deep into the skin. Hands, arms and torso are areas typically affected. Larger burns caused by scalding are rare, but they can occur when a child pulls a hot pan down from the oven, for example.

Scalding is classified according to severity:

First degree – mild
The skin is red and sensitive, similar to a sunburn.

Second degree – medium
Blisters form and the wound is red.

Third degree – severe
There are open blisters, the flesh is exposed at some points.

Mild scalding can generally be treated at home. Pour plenty of lukewarm water over the affected area, straight from the tap if possible. Do not use cold water, cooling pads or ice cubes, as they can cause further injury to the skin.

More severe scalding should be treated by a doctor, as the risk of infection is particularly high. The wound needs to be cleaned very carefully, disinfected and covered.


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