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Abrasions are one of the most common skin injuries. They are superficial skin injuries that occur when the skin is scraped over rough surfaces. This happens, for example, when falling on asphalt. Whether you are cycling, inline skating or playing soccer – abrasions are a typical sports injury.

Abrasions are often quite large, painful and moist. Although they are not dangerous, abrasions should be properly cared for so that the skin can heal.

Three steps to care for an abrasion

1. Cleaning
Abrasions are often dirty and should be cleansed with a mild disinfectant to prevent infection.

2. Protection
To protect the abrasion from sticking to clothing, it should be covered with a bandage.

3. Visiting the doctor
For very large or deep abrasions, a doctor should be consulted to professionally clean and treat the wound.

Abrasions form a scab, which provides natural protection. Under this scab, new tissue is formed from the edge inwards, and the wound slowly closes. After a few days the scab falls off and the new scheme is exposed. At first it can be quite red and needs looking after properly to ensure that it heals completely.


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