How scar tissue differs from the surrounding healthy skin

Scars are often the remainder of everyday injuries. Their unpleasant symptoms, like redness, swelling, itching and tension, can negatively impact quality of life.

There are many differences between scar tissue and healthy skin. Scars not only look different, they also behave differently from the surrounding skin. Hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands are not restored. Scar tissue is composed of less elastic fibres and does not have colour pigments like healthy skin.

Healthy skin

Healthy skin

  • tans when exposed to the sun because
    of its colour pigments
  • is elastic
  • has a good blood supply
  • is soft and has a high moisture content

Scar tissue

Scar tissue

  • cannot form new colour pigments (melanin)
    and therefore does not tan
  • has reduced elasticity due to lower content
    of elastic fibres (collagen)
  • has a lower blood vessel density
  • tends to shrink and harden because it is made
    up of less elastic fibres

These differences show why a scar might never disappear completely. But the right treatment with Mederma helps to visibly reduce scarring, so that you can feel confident in your skin again.


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