Scars are nature’s way of closing a wound

Most daily injuries, like cuts, lacerations, abrasions or burns are not dangerous. But they can lead to visible scars, when deeper layers of the skin are hurt. In these cases the body reacts to the injury in a series of coordinated steps.

There are three phases of scar formation:



The phase of inflammation only lasts about 48–72 hours. The wound is automatically closed with a blood clot, which stops foreign particles from penetrating into the organism and prevents infections. Growth factors that stimulate the formation of new tissue are activated.

Cell proliferation

Cell proliferation

For about 3 to 6 weeks cell proliferation forms new connective tissue to close the wound. To promote the healing process, treatment with Mederma should be started in this phase as soon as the wound is closed.

Matrix remodelling

Matrix remodelling

The last phase of scar formation lasts several months or even years. Our skin needs this time for the healing process in the deeper layers and to form new tissue to fill out the wound completely. This is why even older scars should be treated with Mederma to become less visible.

The scarring process can be influenced in every phase of scar formation. But the sooner a scar is treated, the less visible it will be. For best possible results, use Mederma as soon as the wound is closed or the stitches have been removed – for at least 8 weeks on new scars and 3–6 months on older scars.


The three phases of scar formation

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Scars are nature’s way of closing a wound - Mederma

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